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Music Therapy


Music Therapy

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Author: Olds Peter
Format: Paperback
ISBN: 9781869420239

After a silence of sixteen years Olds published Music Therapy in 2001. Writing in the NZ Listener Peter Simpson describes the collection as ‘marked by enervation and fragility.Hamesh Wyatt in the Otago Daily Times writes about the collection, In verse, the reader is given a stormy magnification of one mans inner life. Olds lets us enter into his life in these haunting, twisted pieces. He goes on to write, Despite the serious, dark themes, it is refreshing to find poetry that does not simply float around the room without ever touching the ground.In the Oxford Companion of New Zealand Literature, Nelson Wattie writes that Olds was considered a central figure to many younger poets in the 1970s because of his ability to incorporate rebellious detail of contemporary experience with music, drugs and the concerns and language of the street.In addition to writing Olds has been the subject of a number of poems including James K. Baxters Letter to Peter Olds (1972).


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