Cat Stevens: Back Beyond Collector edition


Cat Stevens: Back Beyond Collector edition

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Author: Yusuf/ Cat Stevens
Format: Craft Bound
Publication date: 15/05/2022
Imprint: Genesis Publications
ISBN: 9781905662715

This book features lyrics, photographs, illustrations and the recollections of Yusuf / Cat Stevens.

Quarter bound in black cloth and vegan leather, with gold leaf blocking and gilded page edging, the book is presented in a slipcase within a felt bag. The large-format volume (245 x 310mm | 9 ½\” x 12 ½\”) is printed on heavyweight 200gsm paper. The cover includes an inset original artwork by Yusuf/Cat Stevens. Each copy in the limited editionof 1500 copies is hand-numbered and individually signed by the author, Yusuf/Cat Stevens.

All copies in the limited edition include an exclusive blue 7\” vinyl featuring previously unreleased song structure demos for, ‘I Think I See The Light’ and ‘If You Want To Sing Out, Sing Out!’ by Cat Stevens.

Over 50 years ago, on 24th April 1970, Cat Stevens released his album, Mona Bone Jakon. It was to be the first in a trio of albums, including Tea for the Tillerman and Teaser and the Firecat, that marked an important two-year period of musical creativity, and a momentous change in creative direction for Stevens: from pop star to folk-rock singer-songwriter. Iconic songs such as ‘Lady D’Arbanville’, ‘Father and Son’, ‘Wild World’, ‘Peace Train’, and ‘Morning Has Broken’ were all tracks recorded in this period.

‘I wanted to sound like me, like my demos and the original ideas in my head, and that’s how I began to develop my sound, which was mainly acoustic and very, very personal.’ – Yusuf / Cat Stevens

Marking the 50th anniversary of these three ground-breaking albums, Genesis Publications and Yusuf / Cat Stevens have produced this signed limited edition book, It features lyrics, photographs, illustrations and his recollections.
‘My songs serve as memory banks and I’m grateful for them. Without them, I wouldn’t be here. My life is one endless song.’ – Yusuf / Cat Stevens

In 1968, Cat Stevens’ pop music career was cut short by a near-death illness followed by an extended period of convalescence. A new perspective on life emerged, offering the impetus to write, produce and release music free from the pressures of the music business and popular sounds of the time. These highly personal songs became a vehicle for his spiritual journey, born out of a new understanding of his own identity.

‘The songs from that era were premonitions of the way my life was to go. They were like being in a room with your eyes shut and feeling the light of the dawn, and then opening your eyes and seeing the reality of the world.’ – Yusuf / Cat Stevens

This book Cat Stevens: Back Beyond presents his song lyrics both typeset and handwritten in facsimile. The songs are accompanied by the author’s own original illustrations and insightful written commentaries as he looks back and reflects on what the compositions mean to him, then and now.

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