Definitely The Official Story of Def Leppard Collector Edition


Definitely The Official Story of Def Leppard Collector Edition

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Author: Def Leppard
Format: Craft Bound
Publication date: 31/12/2023
Imprint: Genesis Publications
ISBN: 9781905662784

Numbered 351 to 1,500, the Collector copies are 3/4 quarter bound in black vegan leather, with a portrait of the band printed on an aluminium plate front cover and the Def Leppard logo blocked on the back cover. The 296-page book is finished with colour foil blocking on the spine, and red page edging. Every copy in the edition is signed by Joe Elliott, Phil Collen, Rick Savage, Rick Allen and Vivian Campbell.

Presented in a clamshell box covered in a montage of images with an inset Def Leppard logo sticker and tour pass, the interior lid holds a specially pressed 7\” single. The red and black marbled vinyl presents two previously unreleased live recordings: the A-side is ‘Animal’ (performed at the Royal Albert Hall, 2018), and the B-side is ‘Slang’ (recorded in Las Vegas, 2019).

A compartment under the book includes five Diamond Star Halos guitar picks in a small cloth bag and three replica tour passes. A large pull-ribbon, printed with the Def Leppard logo, lifts the book.

Edition: 1,150 numbered copies
Main volume: 245mm x 290mm, 296 pages
Signed by: Joe Elliott, Phil Collen, Rick Allen, Rick Savage and Vivian Campbell
7\” Vinyl: Live recordings of ‘Animal’ (A-side) and ‘Slang’ (B-side)
Memorabilia: Five guitar picks and three tour passes


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