Kay’s Incredible Inventions


Kay’s Incredible Inventions

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Author: Adam Kay
Format: Trade Paperback C Format
Publication date: 27/02/2024
ISBN: 9780241540794

Have you ever thought about the fact that before the fridge you’d have had maggots in your margarine? Ever thought about what you might use to wipe your bum before loo roll was a thing? And what about what everybody did before computers?!

In this third hilarious book from Adam Kay and Henry Paker you’ll learn about all of these and more. Full of funny findings and disgusting discoveries, you’ll uncover important inventions that changed the world and saved lives like electricity and the internet, and captivating creations that absolutely did not (but are still a lot of fun) like smell o vision and trampolines.

An A to Kay to Z of the best, grosest and frankly most ridiculous inventions in the world.

Praise for Kay’s Anatomy-
‘An enjoyably gross look at the human body. Hours of gruesome fun guaranteed’ i
‘Like listening to a teacher who makes pupils fall about’ Sunday Times
‘Totally brilliant!’ Jacqueline Wilson
‘Fun and informative’ Malorie Blackman
‘Very funny – this exciting book is bound to inspire the next generation of medics’ Sunday Express

Praise for Kay’s Marvellous Medicine-
‘A ridiculously funny read that will delight, gross out and educate all at the same time’ Independent
‘Educational and entertaining. It should be on the national curriculum!’ Harry Hill
‘Completely marvellous and very funny’ BookTrust


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