Gangland New Zealand’s Underworld of Organised Crime


Gangland New Zealand’s Underworld of Organised Crime

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Author: Jared Savage
Format: Trade Paperback C Format
Publication date: 02/12/2020
ISBN: 9781775541622

Inside New Zealand’s underworld of organised crime New Zealand is now one of the most lucrative illicit drug markets in the world. Organised crime is about making money. It’s a business. But over the past 20 years, the dealers have graduated from motorcycle gangs to Asian crime syndicates and now the most dangerous drug lords in the world – the Mexican cartels. In Gangland, award-winning investigative reporter Jared Savage shines a light into New Zealand’s rising underworld of organised crime and violent gangs. The brutal execution of a husband-and-wife; the undercover cop who infiltrated a casino VIP lounge; the midnight fishing trip which led to the country’s biggest cocaine bust; the gangster who shot his best friend in a motorcycle shop: these stories go behind the headlines and open the door to an invisible world – a world where millions of dollars are made, life is cheap, and allegiances change like the flick of a switch.


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