Arktikos an Arctic Odyssey


Arktikos an Arctic Odyssey

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Author: Graeme Dingle
Format: Paperback
Imprint: Antiquarian Books
ISBN: A8465

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When New Zealander Graeme Dingle decided to attempt the first continuous circumnavigation of the Arctic Circle, he was looking for the ultimate adventure. Many had gone there before him: hardy Russians crossed southern Siberia in the 1600s, English and American explorers pushed further into the Arctic in the 1700s and 1800s, Amundsen sailed the Northwest Passage in the early 1900s, and Rasmussen crossed Arctic Canada in the 1920s. In 1992-93 Expedition Arktikos was to take its Kiwi and Russian participants from the coast of the Bering Sea across northern Siberia – in conditions that would daunt any but the hardiest – to Greenland, through the Northwest Passage to the Yukon and Alaska, and across the Bering Strait.


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