This Mortal Boy


This Mortal Boy

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Title: This Mortal Boy
Author: Fiona Kidman
Publication date: 02/07/2018
Imprint: VINTAGE
Pages: 336
ISBN: 9780143771807

An utterly compelling recreation and exploration of the murder that led to one of the last executions in New Zealand.Albert Black, known as the ‘jukebox killer’, was only twenty when he was convicted of murdering another young man in a fight in a milk bar in Auckland on 26 July 1955. His crime fuelled moral panic about teenagers, and he was to hang less than five months later, the second to last person to be executed in New Zealand.But what really happened? Was this really a love crime, was it really a sign of juvenile delinquency? Or does this dark episode in our recent history say more about this country and our society’s reaction to outsiders?Black’s final words, as the hangman covered his head, were, ‘I wish you all a merry Christmas, gentlemen, and a prosperous New Year.’ This is his story.


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