Ringo Photograph Collector edition


Ringo Photograph Collector edition

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Author: Ringo Starr
Format: Craft Bound
Publication date: 01/01/2014
Imprint: Genesis Publications
ISBN: 9781905662302

A collection of never-before-seen material, including photos taken by Ringo as well as exclusive images from his own personal archives.

\”These are shots that no one else could have.\” Ringo

Ringo shares forgotten photographs of his childhood home, family holidays and all-night parties on his road to stardom. He candidly captures his Beatles bandmates in pensive and playful moments: washing, eating, recording, smoking, drinking and playing monopoly. Pictures of the boys are joined by Ringos travel photography, taking you inside the car with The Beatles as they toured the world. His photographs and stories portray four lads from Liverpool, trying to live normal lives amidst the frenzy that surrounded them.

\”A good time was had by all in those days.\” Ringo

The book’s author, Ringo Starr, has signed every numbered copy in the Photograph limited edition. Only 2,500 copies will ever be created.

Each book is traditionally handcrafted, half-bound in Italian leather, and housed in an archival case. The bookbinding is embellished with gilt detailing, and its 300 pages are edged in gold foil.

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Dimensions 350 × 280 mm


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