Night of All Souls


Night of All Souls

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Title: Night of All Souls
Author: Philippa Swan
Publication date: 31/03/2020
Imprint: VINTAGE
Pages: 352
ISBN: 9780143774303

In this highly entertaining novel, Edith Wharton is variously reimagined- as a host in the afterlife, a historical figure in a modern novella, and as an elusive presence in the pages of her own writing. But when a lifelong secret is exposed, it’s almost too shocking to be true.

Hugely acclaimed during her lifetime, writer Edith Wharton is back – with the most extraordinary opportunity. Summoned to a room in the afterlife, Edith finds the manuscript of a new novella inspired by her life. A letter from her one-time editor advises Edith to consider carefully whether to destroy the work or allow its publication. Is this a chance to correct her image of haughtiness and privilege, and to reignite interest in her writing?

Edith begins reading the novella to her astonished companions; and what unfolds is a cautionary story of online fame. But as she gradually remembers the details of her life, Edith becomes fearful about what the work might reveal and is haunted by the words-

The letters survive, and everything survives.

‘Philippa Swan’s is an original voice that is articulate, humorous and disarmingly refreshing.’ – NZ Books

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