Ngarara Huarau English Version


Ngarara Huarau English Version

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Author: Maxine Hemi, Andrew Burdan (Illus)
Format: Paperback
Publication date: 10/10/2016
ISBN: 9781775502999

This graphic novel set in New Zealand that tells the story of Ngarara Huarau, a taniwha or mythical beast, that travels from Hawke’s Bay to Wairarapa in search of his sister, Pari-kawhiti. As he journeys, his movement shapes the landscape, and his hunger leads him to eat birds, seals, seafood and people, causing terror as he travels south. Finally, the Wairarapa people of Ngati Tara ask Tupurupuru and his warriors to kill Ngarara Huarau. Tupurupuru constructs a trap and the warriors set upon Ngarara Huarau with weapons, and he sinks into the Uwhiroa swamp. But did he die?


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