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Moroccan Daughter


Moroccan Daughter

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Author: Deborah Rodriguez
Format: Trade Paperback C Format
Publication date: 02/02/2021
ISBN: 9780143793625

From the twisted alleyways of the ancient medina of F s to a marriage festival high in the Atlas Mountains, Deborah Rodriguez’s entrancing new bestseller is a modern story of forbidden love set in the sensual landscape of North Africa. Author of The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul and The Zanzibar Wife.

Amina Bennis has come back to her childhood home in Morocco to attend her sister’s wedding. The time has come for her to confront her strict, traditionalist father with the secret she has kept for more than a year – her American husband, Max.

Amina’s best friend, Charlie, and Charlie’s feisty grandmother, Bea, have come along for moral support, staying with Amina and her family in their palatial riad in F s and enjoying all that the city has to offer. But Charlie is also hiding someone from her past – a mystery man from Casablanca.

And then there’s Samira, the Bennis’s devoted housekeeper for many decades. Hers is the biggest secret of all – one that strikes at the very heart of the family.

As things begin to unravel behind the ancient walls of the medina, the four women are soon caught in a web of lies, clandestine deals and shocking confessions . . .

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  1. Hedley’s Books

    The new book from Deborah Rodriguez, author of the international bestseller ‘The Little Coffee Shop of Kabul’. An intriguing, atmospheric love story set in the twisted alleyways of Fès and the Atlas mountains of North Africa. A modern story of four women – of forbidden love in a land of secrets and revelations. A fantastic read! – Jenny

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