Dogfight Flying Furballs 1


Dogfight Flying Furballs 1

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Author: Donovan Bixley
Format: Paperback
Publication date: 31/03/2016
ISBN: 9781927262535

Flying Furballs, a hilarious action-packed adventure series, captures the romance and excitement of the era at the dawn of aviation — set in a world of cats verses dogs. Put simply, Flying Furballs is pussycats, planes and Paris. Our hero is Claude D’Bonair, a young pilot in the cat air corp, keen to prove his worth to the older pilots and live up to the memory of his father. Will cats and dogs ever live in harmony again? Will Claude survive with his nine lives intact?In Dogfight, Claude must fly a secret and dangerous mission deep into the heart of Dogz held territory to save the air corp’s most famous dogfighter, Major Tom, who is being held prisoner in the Dogz castle HQ. If he fails it could spell cat-astrophe for the whole of katdom.

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Dimensions 211 × 147 × 8 mm


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