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Divorce Diaries


Divorce Diaries

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Title: Divorce Diaries
Author: Sarah Quigley
Publication date: 31/03/2020
Pages: 272
ISBN: 9780143772941

Funny, honest, confronting and wise, this is a compelling and bitter-sweet true story of breaking up . . . and breaking through.

‘I hear you’re divorced?’ a friend greets me. ‘Congratulations!’

The Divorce Diaries outlines the difficult and often heart-breaking process of leaving a marriage and starting over. Sarah Quigley’s articles on the subject have garnered numerous accolades, including Columnist of the Year in the MPA Awards. Now she revisits and reconsiders the tumultuous months leading up to exiting her marriage and the equally confusing emotions that followed.

Living in a tiny rooftop apartment, surrounded by glossy millionaire neighbours, Quigley begins the process of overcoming grief and loneliness. As she takes the first tentative steps back into the world of dating, she shares both her darkest and most hilarious moments as a divorcee. Against the colourful bohemian backdrop of her adopted city, Berlin, she rediscovers the satisfaction and joys of independence.

‘Brave, insightful and utterly compelling’ – Judges on The Divorce Diaries column, MPA Awards, Columnist of the Year

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  1. Hedley’s Books

    Funny, honest and wise are the best words to describe this book on an unlikely topic to want to read about. Berlin based Sarah Quigley is just such a good writer that she has turned the subject into a very compelling read.
    – David

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