David Bowie The Acrylic Editions Print: Love, Bowie


David Bowie The Acrylic Editions Print: Love, Bowie

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Author: Mick Rock
Format: Print
Publication date: 15/01/2023
Imprint: Genesis Publications

‘Inevitably and comically, there came a time when Mick Ronson’s arms grew tired from holding his guitar at shoulder height and it slid slowly back down to his groin. I didn’t stop munching.’ – David Bowie

Performance shot of Mick Ronson and David Bowie captured onstage at Oxford Town Hall, on 17th June 1972. Rock recalled, ‘I processed the film overnight and met David at his management office the next day. He wrote all over the print and persuaded his manager to buy a full page in Melody Maker immediately. This ad created an intense stir.’

Edition: 25 numbered copies
Stamped: by the David Bowie and Mick Rock Estates
Method: UV printing
Media: High-gloss acrylic sheet
Size: 46 x 56 cm | 18 x 22 inches
Certificates of Authenticity: from the David Bowie Estate, the Mick Rock Estate and the publishers.
Oak tray frame.

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Dimensions 560 × 460 mm


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