Cat and Cat #1: Girl Meets… Cat


Cat and Cat #1: Girl Meets… Cat

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Title: Cat and Cat #1: Girl Meets… Cat
Author: Christophe Cazenove; Yrgane Ramon (Illustrator); H
Publication date: 11/02/2020
Dimension: 229mm X 165mm
Pages: 96

Life was quiet for Cath and her dad, living alone. But when they adopt a cat named Sushi, things get a bit too exciting Between turning everything into either a personal scratching post or litter box, and the constant cat and mouse game of “love me/leave me alone,” Cath and Dad have a lot to learn Cath also learns how good it is to have a constant companion, a role Cath’s dad is trying to fill on his own. It’s a hilarious and heartwarming adventure of daily life of this little girl…with a dad and a cat along for the ride

ISBN: 9781545804285

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Dimensions 229 × 165 mm


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