Bus Stops on the Moon: Red Mole Days


Bus Stops on the Moon: Red Mole Days

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Author: Martin Edmond
Format: Paperback
Publication date: 01/09/2020

Bus Stops on the Moon is a personal and a cultural history. As memoir, it is a sequel to The
Dreaming Land (2015). A troubled and restless young Martin Edmond is on his way to
becoming the wiser, older man who will sit down and write both narratives. As cultural history,
the book gives us a participants-eye view of the early years of Alan Brunton and Sally Rodwells
avant-garde theatre troupe Red Mole.
Formed in 1974, Red Mole performed Dadaesque cabaret, agit-prop, costume drama, street
theatre, circus and puppetry, live music, and became a national sensation. They toured the
country with Split Enz and travelled internationally. One of Red Moles five founding principles
was to escape programmed behaviour by remaining erratic. They ticked that one off.
In Bus Stops on the Moon Martin Edmond offers, with his customary elegance, a rich and
entertaining picture of the high times and low lives of Red Mole.


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