Bordering on Miraculous


Bordering on Miraculous

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Author: Saskia Leek; Lynley Edmeades
Format: Hardback
Publication date: 12/07/2022
ISBN: 9781991151131

In this luscious collaboration poet Lynley Edmeades and painter Saskia Leek explore ideas of the quotidian and its everyday miracles. Their close, intense domestic observations merge with the philosophical, in a quest for deeper meaning. Leek’s high-colour palette and symbolic investigation of the domestic provide Edmeades with a starting point, to which she writes back with a chromatic and vivid pen.In repetitive and evolving processes, artist and poet speak to each other through a prismatic renewal of familiar objects and images — fruit bowls, ceramic cups, sleeping babies, the view from a window — holding them up to the light and presenting them anew.This fourth book in the korero series of ‘picture books for grown-ups’, edited by Lloyd Jones, is as surprising, engaging, and delightful and its predecessors.

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Dimensions 248 × 190 mm


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