Beach Boys Sailing Away (16 x 20 print)


Beach Boys Sailing Away (16 x 20 print)

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Author: Beach Boys
Format: Print
Imprint: 1966 BEACH BOYS

The Beach Boys photographed by Ken Veeder

Album cover shot for Summer Days (And Summer Nights) taken on a sailboat trip out to Santa Catalina Island in the late spring of 1965. The album was released on June 28, 1965 and was The Beach Boys’ second album of that year, containing iconic songs like \”California Girls\” and \”Help Me Rhonda\”.

Limited edition of 50
Embossed with the official Beach Boys stamp
Includes a Certificate of Authenticity stamped with The Beach Boys official stamp
Printed on 100% Cotton Rag Platine 310gsm using inks designed to resist fading and discolouration
16” x 20”

Unframed $2500 / Framed $2800


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