Hedley’s Best Books of 2021

Best Outdoor and Natural World Non-Fiction Books

Important books that nature lovers will enjoy (and everyone should read!)

Best of Food, Home and Garden of 2021

The food and gardening books that have kept us well fed in 2021.

Best of Art and Music Books of 2021

Get the creative in your family something they’ll really love from this list.

Best NZ Non Fiction of 2021

A whole range of real life stories from closer to home.

Best International Non-Fiction of 2021

Great reads for history buffs and those who loves a compelling real-life story.

Best Contemporary Fiction of 2021

Beautifully written novels with a wide range of mostly contemporary settings.

Best Historical Fiction of 2021

Travel back in time with our pick of the year’s historical fiction.

Best Crime and Thrillers of 2021

Only the most engrossing, thrilling and page-turning crime fiction.

Best Fantasy and Science Fiction of 2021

Great science fiction and fantasy books that readers will devour.

Best Books for Children

See which children’s books we’ve loved for every age group.

Best Books for Teens and Young Adults

A mix of real-life and fantasy stories have made our the list of best books for teens.